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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Cnidaria, Hydrozoa, Leptothecata, Aglaopheniidae, Gymnangium
Gymnangium africanum, Gymnangium allmani, Gymnangium arcuatum, Gymnangium ascidioides, Gymnangium aureum, Gymnangium australimage, Gymnangium birostratum, Gymnangium eximium, Gymnangium expansum, Gymnangium explorationis, Gymnangium exsertum, Gymnangium ferlusi, Gymnangium furcatum, Gymnangium gracilicaule, Gymnangium gracilicaulis, Gymnangium hians, Gymnangium humile, Gymnangium indivisum, Gymnangium ishikawai, Gymnangium japonicum, Gymnangium longicaudum, Gymnangium longicorne, Gymnangium longirostre, Gymnangium magnirostre, Gymnangium montagui, Gymnangium prolifer, Gymnangium roretzii, Gymnangium setosum, Gymnangium sinuosum, Gymnangium speciosum, Gymnangium superbum, Gymnangium tenuirostre, Gymnangium thetidis, Gymnangium tubuliferum, Gymnangium twistum, Gymnangium undulatum, Gymnangium urceoliferum, Gymnangium vegae