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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Cnidaria, Hydrozoa, Leptothecata, Sertulariidae, Thuiaria
Thuiaria abyssicola, Thuiaria acutiloba, Thuiaria alternans, Thuiaria alternitheca, Thuiaria arctica, Thuiaria articulata, Thuiaria bidentata, Thuiaria breitfussi, Thuiaria carica, Thuiaria cedrina, Thuiaria constans, Thuiaria cornigera, Thuiaria coronifera, Thuiaria cupressoides, Thuiaria cylindrica, Thuiaria deberki, Thuiaria decemserialis, Thuiaria diffusa, Thuiaria excepticea, Thuiaria gonorhiza, Thuiaria hartlaubi, Thuiaria hippuris, Thuiaria insociabilis, Thuiaria invicea, Thuiaria involuta, Thuiaria kudelini, Thuiaria kurilae, Thuiaria laxa, Thuiaria lebedi, Thuiaria mereschkowskii, Thuiaria nivea, Thuiaria obsoleta, Thuiaria ochotensis, Thuiaria operculata, Thuiaria pinaster, Thuiaria pinna, Thuiaria plumiformis, Thuiaria plumularioides, Thuiaria purpurea, Thuiaria sachalini, Thuiaria stelleri, Thuiaria subthuja, Thuiaria tetrastriata, Thuiaria thuja, Thuiaria trilateralis, Thuiaria triserialis, Thuiaria uschakovi, Thuiaria wulfiusi, Thuiaria zachsi