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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Cnidaria, Hydrozoa, Leptothecata, Halopterididae, Halopteris
Halopteris alternata, Halopteris billardi, Halopteris campanula, Halopteris carinata, Halopteris catharina, Halopteris clarkei, Halopteris concava, Halopteris crassa, Halopteris diaphana, Halopteris diaphragmatica, Halopteris enersis, Halopteris everta, Halopteris gemellipara, Halopteris geminata, Halopteris glutinosa, Halopteris infundibulum, Halopteris jedani, Halopteris liechtensternii, Halopteris minuta, Halopteris opposita, Halopteris peculiaris, Halopteris plagiocampa, Halopteris platygonotheca, Halopteris plumosa, Halopteris polymorpha, Halopteris prominens, Halopteris pseudoconstricta, Halopteris rostrata, Halopteris schucherti, Halopteris simplex, Halopteris tenella, Halopteris tuba, Halopteris valdiviae, Halopteris vervoortii, Halopteris violae