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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Cnidaria, Hydrozoa, Leptothecata, Sertulariidae, Sertularia
Sertularia albimaris, Sertularia argentea, Sertularia australis, Sertularia borneensis, Sertularia brashnikowi, Sertularia brunnea, Sertularia camtschatika, Sertularia ceylonensis, Sertularia conferta, Sertularia converrucosa, Sertularia cupressina, Sertularia cupressoides, Sertularia distans, Sertularia dohrni, Sertularia ephemera, Sertularia fabricii, Sertularia fissa, Sertularia flexilis, Sertularia flowersi, Sertularia gracilis, Sertularia gracillima, Sertularia hattorii, Sertularia heteroclada, Sertularia humilis, Sertularia intermedia, Sertularia latiuscula, Sertularia linkoi, Sertularia littoralis, Sertularia loculosa, Sertularia maccallumi, Sertularia macrocarpa, Sertularia malayensis, Sertularia marginata, Sertularia mediterranea, Sertularia mertoni, Sertularia mirabilis, Sertularia nasonovi, Sertularia notabilis, Sertularia nuttingi, Sertularia orthogonalis, Sertularia perpusilla, Sertularia plumosa, Sertularia robusta, Sertularia rugosissima, Sertularia schmidti, Sertularia similis, Sertularia simplex, Sertularia stabilis, Sertularia staurotheca, Sertularia suensoni, Sertularia tatarica, Sertularia tenera, Sertularia tenuis, Sertularia tolli, Sertularia tongensis, Sertularia trigonostoma, Sertularia tumida, Sertularia turbinata, Sertularia unguiculata, Sertularia vervoorti