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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Cnidaria, Hydrozoa, Anthoathecata, Bougainvilliidae, Bougainvillia
Bougainvillia aberrans, Bougainvillia aurantiaca, Bougainvillia bitentaculata, Bougainvillia britannica, Bougainvillia carolinensis, Bougainvillia chenyapingii, Bougainvillia crassa, Bougainvillia dimorpha, Bougainvillia frondosa, Bougainvillia fulva, Bougainvillia inaequalis, Bougainvillia involuta, Bougainvillia lamellata, Bougainvillia longistyla, Bougainvillia macloviana, Bougainvillia meinertiae, Bougainvillia multitentaculata, Bougainvillia muscoides, Bougainvillia muscus, Bougainvillia niobe, Bougainvillia paraplatygaster, Bougainvillia platygaster, Bougainvillia principis, Bougainvillia pyramidata, Bougainvillia reticulata, Bougainvillia rugosa, Bougainvillia superciliaris, Bougainvillia vervoorti