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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Cnidaria, Hydrozoa, Leptothecata, Lafoeidae, Acryptolaria
Acryptolaria abies, Acryptolaria andersoni, Acryptolaria angulata, Acryptolaria arboriformis, Acryptolaria bathyalis, Acryptolaria bulbosa, Acryptolaria conferta, Acryptolaria corniformis, Acryptolaria crassicaulis, Acryptolaria disordinata, Acryptolaria elegans, Acryptolaria encarnae, Acryptolaria flabelloides, Acryptolaria flabellum, Acryptolaria gemini, Acryptolaria gracilis, Acryptolaria infinita, Acryptolaria intermedia, Acryptolaria inversa, Acryptolaria laertesi, Acryptolaria longitheca, Acryptolaria medeae, Acryptolaria minima, Acryptolaria minuta, Acryptolaria niobae, Acryptolaria norfolkensis, Acryptolaria novaecaledoniae, Acryptolaria operculata, Acryptolaria profunda, Acryptolaria pseudoangulata, Acryptolaria pseudoundulata, Acryptolaria pulchella, Acryptolaria pygmaea, Acryptolaria rectangularis, Acryptolaria symmetrica, Acryptolaria tetraseriata, Acryptolaria tortugasensis, Acryptolaria undulata