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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Annelida, Clitellata, Haplotaxida, Tubificidae, Olavius
Olavius avisceralis, Olavius hanssoni, Olavius loisae, Olavius mokapuensis, Olavius rottnestensis, Olavius strigosus, Olavius abrolhosensis, Olavius albidoides, Olavius albidus, Olavius algarvensis, Olavius alius, Olavius amplectens, Olavius avitatus, Olavius bullatus, Olavius capillus, Olavius caudatus, Olavius clavatus, Olavius comorensis, Olavius cornuatus, Olavius crassitunicatus, Olavius curtus, Olavius fidelis, Olavius filithecatus, Olavius finitimus, Olavius fredi, Olavius furinus, Olavius fuscus, Olavius geniculatus, Olavius gierei, Olavius hamulatus, Olavius ilvae, Olavius imperfectus, Olavius isomerus, Olavius latus, Olavius lifouensis, Olavius longissimus, Olavius macer, Olavius manifae, Olavius montebelloensis, Olavius muris, Olavius nicolae, Olavius nivalis, Olavius paraloisae, Olavius parapellucidus, Olavius patriciae, Olavius pellucidus, Olavius planus, Olavius pravus, Olavius prodigus, Olavius productus, Olavius propinquus, Olavius rallus, Olavius separatus, Olavius soror, Olavius tannerensis, Olavius tantulus, Olavius tenuissimus, Olavius ullae, Olavius ulrikae, Olavius vacuus, Olavius valens, Olavius verpa