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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Membracoidea, Cicadellidae, Helionidia
Helionidia biplagiata, Helionidia longifalx, Helionidia nigrella, Helionidia ochrata, Helionidia nebulosa, Helionidia acutivertex, Helionidia ahua, Helionidia allaeri, Helionidia bomansi, Helionidia dworakowskae, Helionidia cicadulosa, Helionidia cornuta, Helionidia dumurae, Helionidia fujara, Helionidia fuscoviridis, Helionidia hirsuta, Helionidia sobrina, Helionidia indigoferae, Helionidia zorba, Helionidia irina, Helionidia jamtara, Helionidia karachiensis, Helionidia kongica, Helionidia kosa, Helionidia laskowskii, Helionidia lutea, Helionidia nasuta, Helionidia nigra, Helionidia ornata, Helionidia punctulata, Helionidia quadrimaculata, Helionidia rubra, Helionidia rubrata, Helionidia uczka, Helionidia ushae, Helionidia viridula, Helionidia waga, Helionidia xantha, Helionidia xenia, Helionidia zelena