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Catalogue of Life
Plantae, Tracheophyta, Magnoliopsida, Myrtales, Melastomataceae, Melastoma
Melastoma malabathricum, Melastoma sanguineum, Melastoma dodecandrum, Melastoma intermedium, Melastoma imbricatum, Melastoma saigonense, Melastoma vile, Melastoma zollingeri, Melastoma suave, Melastoma sumatranum, Melastoma porphyraeum, Melastoma pubescens, Melastoma robustum, Melastoma roemeri, Melastoma koordersii, Melastoma lanuginosum, Melastoma magnificum, Melastoma molkenboerii, Melastoma moluccanum, Melastoma nitidum, Melastoma orientale, Melastoma ovalifolium, Melastoma horridum, Melastoma buennemeyeri, Melastoma caesium, Melastoma crinitum, Melastoma curvisepalum, Melastoma cyanoides, Melastoma decipiens, Melastoma elbertii, Melastoma aculeolatum, Melastoma atrofuscum, Melastoma aureum, Melastoma beccarianum, Melastoma bensonii, Melastoma borneense, Melastoma boryanum, Melastoma minahassae, Melastoma pellegrinianum, Melastoma sabahense