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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Membracoidea, Cicadellidae, Alebroides
Alebroides yanglinginus, Alebroides shokanus, Alebroides similis, Alebroides sinuatus, Alebroides sohii, Alebroides soror, Alebroides taibaiensis, Alebroides toroensis, Alebroides transversus, Alebroides victor, Alebroides wesleyi, Alebroides adonis, Alebroides akashianus, Alebroides aurantinus, Alebroides bidens, Alebroides clavatus, Alebroides cornutus, Alebroides curvatus, Alebroides dentatus, Alebroides discretus, Alebroides dworakowskae, Alebroides elsae, Alebroides falcatus, Alebroides flavifrons, Alebroides flavoniger, Alebroides fumosus, Alebroides fuscus, Alebroides gallus, Alebroides hachijonis, Alebroides haedus, Alebroides horneatus, Alebroides kula, Alebroides lamellaris, Alebroides luteus, Alebroides marginatus, Alebroides montanus, Alebroides perplexus, Alebroides qinlinganus, Alebroides rubrus, Alebroides shaanxiensis, Alebroides nigroscutellatus, Alebroides shirakiellus, Alebroides salicis, Alebroides rubicundus, Alebroides barbatus, Alebroides emarginatus, Alebroides flexus, Alebroides ghorecola, Alebroides globosus, Alebroides haculus, Alebroides incisus, Alebroides indicus, Alebroides involutus, Alebroides jacobii, Alebroides joannae, Alebroides kowali, Alebroides magnus, Alebroides medius, Alebroides nepalensis, Alebroides obliteratus, Alebroides obtusus, Alebroides pusillus, Alebroides quartus, Alebroides raciborskii, Alebroides rayi, Alebroides simlensis, Alebroides umari, Alebroides ursulae, Alebroides vicarius, Alebroides waimingi, Alebroides wushensis, Alebroides xanthus, Alebroides xiphenax, Alebroides yaksemasi, Alebroides zenkae, Alebroides ziutae