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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Membracoidea, Cicadellidae, Edwardsiana
Edwardsiana ruthenica, Edwardsiana sardoa, Edwardsiana sariabensis, Edwardsiana severtsovi, Edwardsiana sharfi, Edwardsiana singularis, Edwardsiana flavescens, Edwardsiana logvinenkoae, Edwardsiana lonicerae, Edwardsiana menzbieri, Edwardsiana mirjanae, Edwardsiana nicolovae, Edwardsiana nigripennis, Edwardsiana praedestina, Edwardsiana projecta, Edwardsiana pseudocommissuralis, Edwardsiana pseudoplatani, Edwardsiana pterocaryae, Edwardsiana alcorni, Edwardsiana bilirata, Edwardsiana corylicola, Edwardsiana cretica, Edwardsiana dejecta, Edwardsiana delongi, Edwardsiana egregia, Edwardsiana elburzica, Edwardsiana flavofumosa, Edwardsiana helva, Edwardsiana indefinita, Edwardsiana iranicola, Edwardsiana javedi, Edwardsiana latiuscula, Edwardsiana rosae, Edwardsiana smreczynskii, Edwardsiana sogdiana, Edwardsiana stehliki, Edwardsiana trigonometrica, Edwardsiana tshinari, Edwardsiana verecunda, Edwardsiana zaisanica, Edwardsiana alnicola, Edwardsiana ampliata, Edwardsiana ariadne, Edwardsiana ariste, Edwardsiana avellanae, Edwardsiana bergmani, Edwardsiana candidula, Edwardsiana centrorubida, Edwardsiana commissuralis, Edwardsiana crataegi, Edwardsiana diversa, Edwardsiana dorsti, Edwardsiana euphrante, Edwardsiana expanda, Edwardsiana flexuosa, Edwardsiana frustrator, Edwardsiana gratiosa, Edwardsiana ishidai, Edwardsiana kemneri, Edwardsiana lamellaris, Edwardsiana lamellata, Edwardsiana lethierryi, Edwardsiana munda, Edwardsiana plebeja, Edwardsiana plurispinosa, Edwardsiana prunicola, Edwardsiana quettensis, Edwardsiana rhodophila, Edwardsiana rosaesugans, Edwardsiana salicicola, Edwardsiana sociabilis, Edwardsiana soror, Edwardsiana spinigera, Edwardsiana tersa, Edwardsiana lanternae, Edwardsiana ulmiphagus, Edwardsiana geometrica, Edwardsiana nigriloba, Edwardsiana platanicola