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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Hemiptera, Membracoidea, Cicadellidae, Chlorita
Chlorita hungarica, Chlorita maritima, Chlorita mendax, Chlorita paolii, Chlorita santolinae, Chlorita subulata, Chlorita aclydifera, Chlorita alticola, Chlorita antoniana, Chlorita aquathea, Chlorita arenicola, Chlorita augustinica, Chlorita badhysi, Chlorita beieri, Chlorita brevispina, Chlorita callistusi, Chlorita caspica, Chlorita curvidentata, Chlorita derbetica, Chlorita dluga, Chlorita elytri, Chlorita erecta, Chlorita eremophila, Chlorita forcipigera, Chlorita glaucescens, Chlorita gruba, Chlorita helichrysi, Chlorita hortensis, Chlorita korovini, Chlorita krasheninnikovi, Chlorita krotka, Chlorita kyzylkumi, Chlorita lanceolata, Chlorita matsumurai, Chlorita nearctica, Chlorita nervosa, Chlorita oshanini, Chlorita osmanica, Chlorita popovi, Chlorita prasina, Chlorita prosta, Chlorita pusilla, Chlorita shartusica, Chlorita sulphurea, Chlorita szelenica, Chlorita tamaninii, Chlorita tarrogonica, Chlorita tessellata, Chlorita thracia, Chlorita thymi, Chlorita tolae, Chlorita uburchangaia, Chlorita uvaroviana, Chlorita viridescens, Chlorita zeravschanica, Chlorita viridula, Chlorita dumosa, Chlorita exilis, Chlorita moganica, Chlorita tasmaninii, Chlorita cylindrica, Chlorita albomaculata, Chlorita aphyoda, Chlorita convoluta, Chlorita edithae, Chlorita formosicola, Chlorita hakonella, Chlorita kampalensis, Chlorita kisuji, Chlorita melasma, Chlorita molops, Chlorita multinervia, Chlorita naudei, Chlorita pasiasta, Chlorita plamista, Chlorita punctum, Chlorita quadridens, Chlorita rauni, Chlorita redea, Chlorita unispina, Chlorita validinervis, Chlorita vana, Chlorita wemmera, Chlorita faurea, Chlorita minima, Chlorita akdzhusani, Chlorita nubica, Chlorita orientalis, Chlorita scopariae, Chlorita quadriguttata, Chlorita reticulata, Chlorita laurae