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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Platyhelminthes, Cestoda, Bothriocephalidea, Bothriocephalidae, Bothriocephalus
Bothriocephalus alessandrinii, Bothriocephalus andresi, Bothriocephalus atherinae, Bothriocephalus auriculatus, Bothriocephalus barbatus, Bothriocephalus clavibothrium, Bothriocephalus claviceps, Bothriocephalus coronatus, Bothriocephalus macrophallus, Bothriocephalus monticelli, Bothriocephalus scorpii, Bothriocephalus trachypteri, Bothriocephalus trachypteriiris, Bothriocephalus uncinatus, Bothriocephalus vallei, Bothriocephalus kerguelensis, Bothriocephalus antarcticus, Bothriocephalus gadellus, Bothriocephalus manubriformis, Bothriocephalus apogonis, Bothriocephalus australis, Bothriocephalus bengalensis, Bothriocephalus bifurcatus, Bothriocephalus branchiostegi, Bothriocephalus brotulae, Bothriocephalus carangis, Bothriocephalus celineae, Bothriocephalus cepolae, Bothriocephalus cuspidatus, Bothriocephalus echeneis, Bothriocephalus lateolabracis, Bothriocephalus nigropunctatus, Bothriocephalus occidentalis, Bothriocephalus sciaenae, Bothriocephalus sphaerocephalum, Bothriocephalus tetragonus, Bothriocephalus travassosi, Bothriocephalus tumidulus, Bothriocephalus verticillatus, Bothriocephalus gadi, Bothriocephalus gowkongensis