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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Lepidoptera, Pyraloidea, Crambidae, Fernandocrambus
Fernandocrambus abbreviata, Fernandocrambus annulata, Fernandocrambus apocalipsus, Fernandocrambus arcus, Fernandocrambus augur, Fernandocrambus backstromi, Fernandocrambus brunneus, Fernandocrambus byssifera, Fernandocrambus chilianellus, Fernandocrambus chillanicus, Fernandocrambus chiloma, Fernandocrambus chopinellus, Fernandocrambus corvus, Fernandocrambus cuprescens, Fernandocrambus derelicta, Fernandocrambus diabolicus, Fernandocrambus divus, Fernandocrambus dolicaon, Fernandocrambus espeletiae, Fernandocrambus euryptellus, Fernandocrambus falklandicellus, Fernandocrambus fernandesellus, Fernandocrambus fundus, Fernandocrambus fuscus, Fernandocrambus glareola, Fernandocrambus grisea, Fernandocrambus harpipterus, Fernandocrambus horoscopus, Fernandocrambus imitator, Fernandocrambus imperfecta, Fernandocrambus kuscheli, Fernandocrambus loxia, Fernandocrambus magnifica, Fernandocrambus minima, Fernandocrambus nergaellus, Fernandocrambus nitidissima, Fernandocrambus noskiewiczi, Fernandocrambus oxyechus, Fernandocrambus paraloxia, Fernandocrambus parva, Fernandocrambus pepita, Fernandocrambus radicellus, Fernandocrambus ruptifascia, Fernandocrambus spiculellus, Fernandocrambus stilatus, Fernandocrambus straminellus, Fernandocrambus subaequalis, Fernandocrambus truncus, Fernandocrambus variatellus, Fernandocrambus xerophylla, Fernandocrambus xiphiellus