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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Lepidoptera, Pyraloidea, Pyralidae, Assara
Assara albicostalis, Assara apodectum, Assara aterpes, Assara cataxutha, Assara cedrella, Assara conicolella, Assara decipula, Assara formosana, Assara funerellum, Assara halmophila, Assara hemibaphes, Assara hoeneella, Assara holophragma, Assara incredibilis, Assara inouei, Assara ketjila, Assara korbi, Assara leucarma, Assara mediolinea, Assara melanomita, Assara metallopa, Assara microdoxa, Assara odontosema, Assara pallidella, Assara pamphaes, Assara pinivora, Assara semifictile, Assara seminivale, Assara subelutellum, Assara subterebrella, Assara terebrella, Assara thermochroa, Assara tuberculosa, Assara turciella, Assara widagdoi