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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Lepidoptera, Pyraloidea, Pyralidae, Stericta
Stericta asopialis, Stericta atkinsoni, Stericta atribasalis, Stericta bryomima, Stericta callibrya, Stericta canutusa, Stericta caradjai, Stericta carbonalis, Stericta carneotincta, Stericta centralis, Stericta concisella, Stericta congenitalis, Stericta corticalis, Stericta suspensalis, Stericta capnotila, Stericta trissosticha, Stericta philobrya, Stericta aeruginosa, Stericta alnotha, Stericta angulosa, Stericta angustalis, Stericta apicalis, Stericta divitalis, Stericta dohrni, Stericta evanescens, Stericta flammealis, Stericta flavopuncta, Stericta honei, Stericta ignebasalis, Stericta inconcisa, Stericta indistincta, Stericta japonica, Stericta kogii, Stericta lactealis, Stericta leucozonalis, Stericta lophocepsalis, Stericta loxochlaena, Stericta mediovialis, Stericta nolasca, Stericta olivialis, Stericta palmistalis, Stericta phanerostola, Stericta plumbifloccalis, Stericta prasina, Stericta pyraliata, Stericta rurealis, Stericta sectilis, Stericta sinuosa, Stericta subviridalis