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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Lepidoptera, Pyraloidea, Pyralidae, Tegulifera
Tegulifera angustifascia, Tegulifera anneliese, Tegulifera atomosalis, Tegulifera audeoudi, Tegulifera bicoloralis, Tegulifera bostralis, Tegulifera bourgini, Tegulifera camptoceralis, Tegulifera capuronalis, Tegulifera castanealis, Tegulifera catalalis, Tegulifera chromalis, Tegulifera chrysoproctalis, Tegulifera conisalis, Tegulifera costipunctata, Tegulifera cyanealis, Tegulifera biplagialis, Tegulifera drapesalis, Tegulifera elaeomesa, Tegulifera epipyralis, Tegulifera flaveola, Tegulifera flavicarnea, Tegulifera flavirubralis, Tegulifera fumosalis, Tegulifera gallienalis, Tegulifera herbulotalis, Tegulifera holothermalis, Tegulifera humberti, Tegulifera ignealis, Tegulifera irroralis, Tegulifera kwangtungialis, Tegulifera lanitralis, Tegulifera lienpingialis, Tegulifera marionalis, Tegulifera nosivolalis, Tegulifera oblunata, Tegulifera obovalis, Tegulifera ochrealis, Tegulifera ochrimesalis, Tegulifera pallidalis, Tegulifera pallidibasalis, Tegulifera pernalis, Tegulifera phaeaptera, Tegulifera pictimarginalis, Tegulifera pretiosalis, Tegulifera psamathopis, Tegulifera purpurascens, Tegulifera pyraliformis, Tegulifera radamalis, Tegulifera rosalinde, Tegulifera rosealis, Tegulifera rubralis, Tegulifera rufalis, Tegulifera rufifascialis, Tegulifera sanguicilialis, Tegulifera sanguinalis, Tegulifera sanguinea, Tegulifera semicircularis, Tegulifera sinensis, Tegulifera subolivescens, Tegulifera tripartalis, Tegulifera tripartita, Tegulifera tristiculalis, Tegulifera vinotinctalis, Tegulifera zombitsalis