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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Lepidoptera, Pyraloidea, Crambidae, Argyractis
Argyractis aeglesalis, Argyractis aengusalis, Argyractis albibasalis, Argyractis albipunctalis, Argyractis albulalis, Argyractis alemundalis, Argyractis ambahonalis, Argyractis amethystina, Argyractis argentilinealis, Argyractis argyrolepta, Argyractis argyrophora, Argyractis aroalis, Argyractis axis, Argyractis aztecalis, Argyractis bedealis, Argyractis benezetalis, Argyractis berthalis, Argyractis bruneosuffusa, Argyractis caesoalis, Argyractis cancellalis, Argyractis capensis, Argyractis cathanalis, Argyractis chalcistis, Argyractis chejelalis, Argyractis chrysopalis, Argyractis climacusalis, Argyractis coloralis, Argyractis conallalis, Argyractis constellalis, Argyractis cuprescens, Argyractis cyloialis, Argyractis danaealis, Argyractis decoralis, Argyractis dodalis, Argyractis doriscalis, Argyractis dorophanes, Argyractis drumalis, Argyractis dualalis, Argyractis esperanzalis, Argyractis euryxantha, Argyractis flavivittalis, Argyractis fulvicinctalis, Argyractis glycysalis, Argyractis gordianalis, Argyractis gratalis, Argyractis hamiferalis, Argyractis hemilitha, Argyractis holocycla, Argyractis iasusalis, Argyractis inaurata, Argyractis insulalis, Argyractis lanceolalis, Argyractis laurentialis, Argyractis leucistis, Argyractis leucostola, Argyractis leucostrialis, Argyractis limalis, Argyractis lithocharis, Argyractis lithorma, Argyractis lophosomalis, Argyractis lucianalis, Argyractis lulesalis, Argyractis maguilalis, Argyractis malcusalis, Argyractis maronialis, Argyractis metazonalis, Argyractis micropalis, Argyractis mimicalis, Argyractis multipicta, Argyractis nandinalis, Argyractis nigerialis, Argyractis nigrifusalis, Argyractis niphoplagialis, Argyractis nitens, Argyractis nyasalis, Argyractis nymphulalis, Argyractis odoalis, Argyractis pantheralis, Argyractis parthenodalis, Argyractis parvissimalis, Argyractis paulalis, Argyractis pavionalis, Argyractis pentopalis, Argyractis peraltalis, Argyractis periopis, Argyractis pervenustalis, Argyractis phoedralis, Argyractis phaeopastalis, Argyractis premalis, Argyractis productalis, Argyractis psalmoidalis, Argyractis puralis, Argyractis pyropalis, Argyractis rinconadalis, Argyractis samealis, Argyractis schistopalis, Argyractis schwarzalis, Argyractis scioxantha, Argyractis serapionalis, Argyractis sphragidacma, Argyractis subornata, Argyractis supercilialis, Argyractis tamanalis, Argyractis tapajosalis, Argyractis terranea, Argyractis tessimalis, Argyractis tetropalis, Argyractis ticonalis, Argyractis trespasalis, Argyractis triopalis, Argyractis tristalis, Argyractis ulfridalis, Argyractis valstanalis, Argyractis volcanalis, Argyractis zamoralis