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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Lepidoptera, Pyraloidea, Crambidae, Neurophyseta
Neurophyseta albimarginalis, Neurophyseta albinalis, Neurophyseta albirufa, Neurophyseta arcigrammalis, Neurophyseta arcuatalis, Neurophyseta argyroleuca, Neurophyseta auralis, Neurophyseta camptogrammalis, Neurophyseta clymenalis, Neurophyseta completalis, Neurophyseta conantia, Neurophyseta cyclicalis, Neurophyseta debalis, Neurophyseta diplogrammalis, Neurophyseta disciatralis, Neurophyseta durgalis, Neurophyseta flavicostalis, Neurophyseta flavirufalis, Neurophyseta fulvalis, Neurophyseta fulvilinealis, Neurophyseta fulvistrigalis, Neurophyseta jessica, Neurophyseta laudamialis, Neurophyseta marin, Neurophyseta mellograpta, Neurophyseta mesophaealis, Neurophyseta normalis, Neurophyseta parvalis, Neurophyseta perlalis, Neurophyseta perrivalis, Neurophyseta pomperialis, Neurophyseta randalis, Neurophyseta renata, Neurophyseta rufalis, Neurophyseta sittenfelda, Neurophyseta stigmatalis, Neurophyseta tanamoalis, Neurophyseta turrialbalis, Neurophyseta ursmaralis, Neurophyseta villarda, Neurophyseta virginalis, Neurophyseta volcanalis, Neurophyseta zobeida