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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Lepidoptera, Noctuoidea, Arctiidae, Ctenucha
Ctenucha affinis, Ctenucha albipars, Ctenucha andrei, Ctenucha annulata, Ctenucha aymara, Ctenucha biformis, Ctenucha braganza, Ctenucha bruneri, Ctenucha brunnea, Ctenucha cajonata, Ctenucha circe, Ctenucha clavia, Ctenucha cressonana, Ctenucha cyaniris, Ctenucha devisum, Ctenucha editha, Ctenucha fosteri, Ctenucha garleppi, Ctenucha hilliana, Ctenucha manuela, Ctenucha mennisata, Ctenucha mortia, Ctenucha multifaria, Ctenucha nana, Ctenucha nantana, Ctenucha palmeira, Ctenucha pohli, Ctenucha popayana, Ctenucha projecta, Ctenucha reducta, Ctenucha refulgens, Ctenucha reimoseri, Ctenucha rubroscapa, Ctenucha rubrovenata, Ctenucha ruficeps, Ctenucha schausi, Ctenucha semistria, Ctenucha signata, Ctenucha subsemistria, Ctenucha tapajoza, Ctenucha togata, Ctenucha tucumana, Ctenucha venosa, Ctenucha virginica, Ctenucha vittigerum