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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Lepidoptera, Noctuoidea, Arctiidae, Gymnelia
Gymnelia abdominalis, Gymnelia baroni, Gymnelia beata, Gymnelia beatrix, Gymnelia bricenoi, Gymnelia carabayana, Gymnelia cennocha, Gymnelia cincta, Gymnelia colona, Gymnelia doncasteri, Gymnelia dubia, Gymnelia ducei, Gymnelia ethodaea, Gymnelia eusebia, Gymnelia felderi, Gymnelia flavicapilla, Gymnelia flavitarsis, Gymnelia gaza, Gymnelia gemmifera, Gymnelia guapila, Gymnelia hampsoni, Gymnelia hyaloxantha, Gymnelia ichneumonoides, Gymnelia jordani, Gymnelia latimarginata, Gymnelia lucens, Gymnelia ludga, Gymnelia lycopolis, Gymnelia lyrcea, Gymnelia metallica, Gymnelia nigricornis, Gymnelia nobilis, Gymnelia paranapanema, Gymnelia pavo, Gymnelia peculiaris, Gymnelia peratea, Gymnelia perniciosa, Gymnelia salvini, Gymnelia semicincta, Gymnelia sephala, Gymnelia scita, Gymnelia simillimum, Gymnelia steinbachi, Gymnelia stuarti, Gymnelia taos, Gymnelia tarapotensis, Gymnelia vesparia, Gymnelia villia, Gymnelia viridicingulata, Gymnelia xanthogastra, Gymnelia zelosa