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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Lepidoptera, Noctuoidea, Arctiidae, Heliura
Heliura amazonicum, Heliura assimilis, Heliura baleris, Heliura balia, Heliura baliodes, Heliura banoca, Heliura cadroe, Heliura cosmosomodes, Heliura elongata, Heliura emerentia, Heliura episcepsidis, Heliura excavata, Heliura flavopunctata, Heliura fulvipicta, Heliura fumata, Heliura gigantea, Heliura hagmanni, Heliura hecale, Heliura kennedyi, Heliura klagesi, Heliura marica, Heliura mimula, Heliura nathalan, Heliura nivaca, Heliura ockendeni, Heliura perexcavatum, Heliura phaeosoma, Heliura pierus, Heliura postcoeruleum, Heliura quadriflavata, Heliura rhodocryptoides, Heliura rhodophila, Heliura sanguipalpia, Heliura semihyalina, Heliura stolli, Heliura suffusa, Heliura tetragramma, Heliura thysbe, Heliura thysbodes, Heliura umbrimacula, Heliura viridicingulata, Heliura zonata