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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Lepidoptera, Noctuoidea, Arctiidae, Isanthrene
Isanthrene ustrina, Isanthrene varia, Isanthrene vespiformis, Isanthrene vogli, Isanthrene aterrima, Isanthrene atrizonata, Isanthrene azia, Isanthrene basifera, Isanthrene cajetani, Isanthrene cazador, Isanthrene championi, Isanthrene colimae, Isanthrene columbiana, Isanthrene crabrionides, Isanthrene crabroniformis, Isanthrene dorsimacula, Isanthrene drucei, Isanthrene echemon, Isanthrene felderi, Isanthrene flavizonata, Isanthrene fulvipuncta, Isanthrene illegitima, Isanthrene incendiaria, Isanthrene joda, Isanthrene mathani, Isanthrene melas, Isanthrene meridensis, Isanthrene minor, Isanthrene monticola, Isanthrene notipennis, Isanthrene pelor, Isanthrene pentagona, Isanthrene perboscii, Isanthrene pertexta, Isanthrene pertyi, Isanthrene porphyria, Isanthrene profusa, Isanthrene pyrocera, Isanthrene roreri, Isanthrene schausi, Isanthrene thyestes, Isanthrene tryhanei