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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Lepidoptera, Noctuoidea, Arctiidae, Loxophlebia
Loxophlebia albicincta, Loxophlebia asmodeoides, Loxophlebia asmodeus, Loxophlebia asseda, Loxophlebia aurantiaca, Loxophlebia austeria, Loxophlebia berberoi, Loxophlebia braziliensis, Loxophlebia broteas, Loxophlebia chrysobasis, Loxophlebia cinctata, Loxophlebia crocata, Loxophlebia crusmatica, Loxophlebia davisi, Loxophlebia diaphana, Loxophlebia ducallis, Loxophlebia egregia, Loxophlebia eumonides, Loxophlebia fininigra, Loxophlebia flavinigra, Loxophlebia flavipicta, Loxophlebia geminata, Loxophlebia imitata, Loxophlebia klagesi, Loxophlebia masa, Loxophlebia metamela, Loxophlebia multicincta, Loxophlebia nigricornis, Loxophlebia omalesia, Loxophlebia peralta, Loxophlebia pheiodes, Loxophlebia picta, Loxophlebia postflavia, Loxophlebia pyrgion, Loxophlebia roseipectus, Loxophlebia rubripicta, Loxophlebia rufescens, Loxophlebia schrollei, Loxophlebia semiaurantia, Loxophlebia senta, Loxophlebia socorrensis, Loxophlebia splendens, Loxophlebia tibba, Loxophlebia triangulifera, Loxophlebia vesparis