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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Lepidoptera, Noctuoidea, Arctiidae, Mesothen
Mesothen petosiris, Mesothen pyrrha, Mesothen pyrrhina, Mesothen restricta, Mesothen rogenhoferi, Mesothen roseifemur, Mesothen samina, Mesothen semiflava, Mesothen temperata, Mesothen tigrina, Mesothen zenobia, Mesothen albifrons, Mesothen albilimbata, Mesothen aurantegula, Mesothen aurantiaca, Mesothen aurata, Mesothen bisexualis, Mesothen caeruleicorpus, Mesothen catherina, Mesothen cosmosomoides, Mesothen demicostata, Mesothen dorsimacula, Mesothen desperata, Mesothen endoleuca, Mesothen epimetheus, Mesothen erythaema, Mesothen ethela, Mesothen flavicostata, Mesothen flaviventris, Mesothen ignea, Mesothen inconspicuata, Mesothen meridensis, Mesothen montana, Mesothen nana, Mesothen nomia, Mesothen ockendeni, Mesothen perflava