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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Lepidoptera, Noctuoidea, Arctiidae, Illice
Illice subjecta, Illice subrubra, Illice subrufa, Illice tessellata, Illice trimaculata, Illice triplaga, Illice opulentana, Illice orbonella, Illice pacata, Illice packardi, Illice perrosea, Illice persimilis, Illice petrovna, Illice phaeoceps, Illice plumbea, Illice polyzona, Illice pygmaea, Illice rhodocraspis, Illice rosacea, Illice roseiceps, Illice rubricollis, Illice ruficollis, Illice schwartziorum, Illice sexalata, Illice striata, Illice uniplaga, Illice vilaricensis, Illice xanthospila, Illice abala, Illice albizonea, Illice angelus, Illice barnesi, Illice batialis, Illice biota, Illice bisigna, Illice blanda, Illice bonitensis, Illice calochroma, Illice conjuncta, Illice citrina, Illice croesus, Illice cryptopyra, Illice discistriga, Illice ditrigona, Illice dives, Illice dorsimacula, Illice endoxantha, Illice fasciata, Illice faustinula, Illice flagrans, Illice flavizonata, Illice fuscilingua, Illice griseola, Illice hilaris, Illice injecta, Illice introbasalis, Illice juanita, Illice leuconotum, Illice liberomacula, Illice lincea, Illice longistriga, Illice lycomorphodes, Illice mediofasciata, Illice metoxia, Illice minuta, Illice nexa, Illice nigromaculata, Illice triplagiata, Illice tyres, Illice unifasciata