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Catalogue of Life
Plantae, Bryophyta, Bryopsida, Bryales, Hypnodendraceae, Hypnodendron
Hypnodendron arcuatum, Hypnodendron auricomum, Hypnodendron beccarii, Hypnodendron brevipes, Hypnodendron colensoi, Hypnodendron comosum, Hypnodendron diversifolium, Hypnodendron flagelliferum, Hypnodendron fuscomucronatum, Hypnodendron junghuhnii, Hypnodendron kerrii, Hypnodendron marginatum, Hypnodendron menziesii, Hypnodendron microstictum, Hypnodendron milnei, Hypnodendron reinwardtii, Hypnodendron samoanum, Hypnodendron spininervium, Hypnodendron subarborescens, Hypnodendron subspininervium, Hypnodendron vitiense, Hypnodendron camptotheca, Hypnodendron comatulum, Hypnodendron comatum, Hypnodendron dendroides, Hypnodendron tahiticum