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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Chordata, Aves, Passeriformes, Thraupidae, Tangara
Tangara argyrofenges, Tangara arthus, Tangara cabanisi, Tangara callophrys, Tangara cayana, Tangara chilensis, Tangara chrysotis, Tangara cucullata, Tangara cyanicollis, Tangara cyanocephala, Tangara cyanoptera, Tangara cyanotis, Tangara cyanoventris, Tangara desmaresti, Tangara dowii, Tangara fastuosa, Tangara florida, Tangara fucosa, Tangara guttata, Tangara gyrola, Tangara heinei, Tangara icterocephala, Tangara inornata, Tangara johannae, Tangara labradorides, Tangara larvata, Tangara lavinia, Tangara mexicana, Tangara meyerdeschauenseei, Tangara nigrocincta, Tangara nigroviridis, Tangara palmeri, Tangara parzudakii, Tangara peruviana, Tangara phillipsi, Tangara preciosa, Tangara punctata, Tangara ruficervix, Tangara rufigenis, Tangara rufigula, Tangara schrankii, Tangara seledon, Tangara varia, Tangara vassorii, Tangara velia, Tangara viridicollis, Tangara vitriolina, Tangara xanthocephala, Tangara xanthogastra