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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Mollusca, Gastropoda, Not assigned, Valvatoidea, Valvatidae, Valvata
Valvata cristata, Valvata nowshahrensis, Valvata piscinalis, Valvata sibirica, Valvata sincera, Valvata tricarinata, Valvata nilotica, Valvata relicta, Valvata klemmi, Valvata rhabdoata, Valvata hirsutecostata, Valvata stenotrema, Valvata bicarinata, Valvata humeralis, Valvata lewisi, Valvata mergella, Valvata perdepressa, Valvata utahensis, Valvata virens, Valvata winnebagoensis, Valvata stoliczkana, Valvata macrostoma, Valvata studeri, Valvata aliena, Valvata stelleri, Valvata pulchella, Valvata bathybia, Valvata japonica, Valvata kisakikoensis, Valvata hokkaidoensis, Valvata simusyuensis, Valvata andreana, Valvata elatior, Valvata geyeri, Valvata lietuvensis, Valvata nana, Valvata planorbulina, Valvata pusilla, Valvata spirorbis, Valvata trochoidea, Valvata vystitiensis