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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Mollusca, Gastropoda, Not assigned, Triphoroidea, Triphoridae, Viriola
Viriola abbotti, Viriola albomarmorata, Viriola bayani, Viriola cancellata, Viriola carinata, Viriola cingulata, Viriola connata, Viriola corrugata, Viriola erecta, Viriola excelsior, Viriola flammulata, Viriola fuscescens, Viriola gracilenta, Viriola incisa, Viriola intercalaris, Viriola interfilata, Viriola intergranosa, Viriola iredalei, Viriola kosugei, Viriola morychus, Viriola oceanica, Viriola pagodus, Viriola senafirensis, Viriola thielei, Viriola tricincta, Viriola trilirata, Viriola truncata, Viriola vulpina