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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Psocodea, Pachytroctidae, Tapinella
Tapinella huangi, Tapinella vittata, Tapinella unicolorata, Tapinella tuila, Tapinella trilineata, Tapinella stenomedia, Tapinella squamosa, Tapinella spinosa, Tapinella qutangxiana, Tapinella pictipenna, Tapinella picticeps, Tapinella picta, Tapinella ornaticeps, Tapinella olmeca, Tapinella negreai, Tapinella nebulosa, Tapinella mariana, Tapinella maracana, Tapinella madagascariensis, Tapinella maculata, Tapinella levuka, Tapinella glyptops, Tapinella gamma, Tapinella fusca, Tapinella francesca, Tapinella formosana, Tapinella fasciata, Tapinella dichromoptera, Tapinella curvatoides, Tapinella curvata, Tapinella columbiana, Tapinella clypeola, Tapinella chamelana, Tapinella castanea, Tapinella candida, Tapinella campanensis, Tapinella bicolorata, Tapinella bannana, Tapinella baliensis, Tapinella aliena