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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Psocodea, Psocidae, Metylophorus
Metylophorus uncorneus, Metylophorus pleiotomus, Metylophorus medicornutus, Metylophorus lushanensis, Metylophorus longicaudatus, Metylophorus jinciensis, Metylophorus hengshanicus, Metylophorus giganteus, Metylophorus dongbeicus, Metylophorus daedaleus, Metylophorus cyclotus, Metylophorus latespinosus, Metylophorus javensis, Metylophorus elongatus, Metylophorus yanezi, Metylophorus xizangensis, Metylophorus wuyinicus, Metylophorus wui, Metylophorus trivalvis, Metylophorus tricornis, Metylophorus theresopolitanus, Metylophorus symmetricus, Metylophorus rotundatus, Metylophorus purus, Metylophorus plebius, Metylophorus paranebulosus, Metylophorus novaescotiae, Metylophorus nebulosus, Metylophorus nebulifer, Metylophorus mendax, Metylophorus megistus, Metylophorus marmoreus, Metylophorus maculosus, Metylophorus lisae, Metylophorus hispidus, Metylophorus hemiphaeopterus, Metylophorus fuscatus, Metylophorus fasciatus, Metylophorus diplodurus, Metylophorus denticulatus, Metylophorus cuneatus, Metylophorus ctenatus, Metylophorus contaminatus, Metylophorus camptodontus, Metylophorus calcaratus, Metylophorus cabanae, Metylophorus brevantenninus, Metylophorus bishopi, Metylophorus bicornutus, Metylophorus barretti