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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Psocodea, Psocidae, Psocidus
Psocidus longifolius, Psocidus validus, Psocidus luotongshanicus, Psocidus hainanensis, Psocidus guilinensis, Psocidus bifurcatus, Psocidus zanzibarensis, Psocidus validus, Psocidus trifasciatus, Psocidus strictus, Psocidus samchiensis, Psocidus murphyi, Psocidus manausensis, Psocidus etiennei, Psocidus cataratae, Psocidus apertus, Psocidus albostigmus, Psocidus zonatus, Psocidus zikani, Psocidus vitalisi, Psocidus viscayanus, Psocidus venustus, Psocidus ternatus, Psocidus tergatus, Psocidus tateokanus, Psocidus tacaoensis, Psocidus simplex, Psocidus similaris, Psocidus signifer, Psocidus segmentatus, Psocidus schmidti, Psocidus sauteri, Psocidus salai, Psocidus relativus, Psocidus reidi, Psocidus quadrisignatus, Psocidus punctaticeps, Psocidus proi, Psocidus proctus, Psocidus peregrans, Psocidus pellucidus, Psocidus parishi, Psocidus parilla, Psocidus oxyurus, Psocidus oblitus, Psocidus nubilus, Psocidus nigricornis, Psocidus nigeriensis, Psocidus nexus, Psocidus nanyuensis, Psocidus mouldsi, Psocidus masinus, Psocidus longicaudis, Psocidus lobatus, Psocidus lestagei, Psocidus lacroixi, Psocidus kotzbaueri, Psocidus komiensis, Psocidus javanicus, Psocidus japonicus, Psocidus jacobsoni, Psocidus irroratus, Psocidus hirsutus, Psocidus guttulatus, Psocidus grisescens, Psocidus gomezi, Psocidus gloriosus, Psocidus ghesquierei, Psocidus fuscatus, Psocidus funerulus, Psocidus formosanus, Psocidus flavonimbatus, Psocidus femoratus, Psocidus elegantulus, Psocidus divisus, Psocidus ditatus, Psocidus dilutus, Psocidus cuencanus, Psocidus consitus, Psocidus coniostigma, Psocidus burmeisteri, Psocidus borneensis, Psocidus biguttatus, Psocidus bicruris, Psocidus arenosus, Psocidus annulipes, Psocidus aldai, Psocidus albovarius, Psocidus albimaculatus, Psocidus aztecanus, Psocidus serrei