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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Psocodea, Myopsocidae, Lichenomima
Lichenomima sinuosa, Lichenomima cubitalis, Lichenomima unicornis, Lichenomima tridens, Lichenomima oxycera, Lichenomima orbiculata, Lichenomima leucospila, Lichenomima harpeodes, Lichenomima hangzhouensis, Lichenomima gibbulosa, Lichenomima excavata, Lichenomima cylindra, Lichenomima varia, Lichenomima timmei, Lichenomima thorntoni, Lichenomima sumatrana, Lichenomima sparsa, Lichenomima schoutedeni, Lichenomima sanguensis, Lichenomima punctipennis, Lichenomima pulchella, Lichenomima posterior, Lichenomima pauliani, Lichenomima pattoni, Lichenomima onca, Lichenomima muscosa, Lichenomima merapi, Lichenomima medialis, Lichenomima maxima, Lichenomima machadoi, Lichenomima lugens, Lichenomima intermedia, Lichenomima indica, Lichenomima hamata, Lichenomima guineensis, Lichenomima fenestrata, Lichenomima fasciata, Lichenomima elongata, Lichenomima corniculata, Lichenomima conspersa, Lichenomima coloradensis, Lichenomima clypeofasciata, Lichenomima chelata, Lichenomima cervantesi, Lichenomima capeneri, Lichenomima cameruna, Lichenomima burgeoni, Lichenomima ariasi, Lichenomima argentina, Lichenomima ampla