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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Psocodea, Peripsocidae, Peripsocus
Peripsocus roseus, Peripsocus reicherti, Peripsocus quercicola, Peripsocus quattuordecimus, Peripsocus quadripunctatus, Peripsocus quadratiprocessus, Peripsocus qingdaoensis, Peripsocus pumilus, Peripsocus pseudoquercicola, Peripsocus potosi, Peripsocus polyoacanthus, Peripsocus polygonalis, Peripsocus plurimaculatus, Peripsocus pamae, Peripsocus cochleus, Peripsocus golubae, Peripsocus subtilis, Peripsocus spissospilus, Peripsocus pediformis, Peripsocus lifashengi, Peripsocus inflatus, Peripsocus zhangliani, Peripsocus zhangispineus, Peripsocus xihuensis, Peripsocus xanthochilus, Peripsocus wuhoi, Peripsocus varidentatus, Peripsocus undulatus, Peripsocus undecimidentus, Peripsocus trigonoispineus, Peripsocus transivenus, Peripsocus suoxiyuicus, Peripsocus stigmostigmus, Peripsocus siculiformis, Peripsocus shilinensis, Peripsocus sexidentus, Peripsocus sedcimidentalis, Peripsocus scapiformis, Peripsocus scalpratus, Peripsocus rhomboacanthus, Peripsocus rhombicus, Peripsocus reflexibilis, Peripsocus reduncus, Peripsocus quadratidentalis, Peripsocus qingchengshanicus, Peripsocus plagiotropus, Peripsocus phaeochilus, Peripsocus oxydontus, Peripsocus orebius, Peripsocus oligodontus, Peripsocus odontopetalus, Peripsocus oculimacularis, Peripsocus octoidentus, Peripsocus nanjingensis, Peripsocus microcheilus, Peripsocus medispineus, Peripsocus medifasciarius, Peripsocus magnimammus, Peripsocus luotongshanicus, Peripsocus louguantaiensis, Peripsocus longifurcus, Peripsocus latispineus, Peripsocus laricis, Peripsocus laoshanicus, Peripsocus kunmingiensis, Peripsocus jinxiuensis, Peripsocus jinshaanensis, Peripsocus jinggangshanicus, Peripsocus jilinicus, Peripsocus jiangxiensis, Peripsocus jianfenglingicus, Peripsocus huashanensis, Peripsocus hainanensis, Peripsocus guandishanicus, Peripsocus grandispineus, Peripsocus furcellatus, Peripsocus forficatus, Peripsocus falsipictus, Peripsocus equispineus, Peripsocus duodecimidentus, Peripsocus dongbeiensis, Peripsocus cylindratus, Peripsocus corollaris, Peripsocus conoidalis, Peripsocus changbaishanicus, Peripsocus bulbus, Peripsocus bifasciarius, Peripsocus beijingensis, Peripsocus baiyunshanicus, Peripsocus attenuatus, Peripsocus apiculatus, Peripsocus annectens, Peripsocus ammonus, Peripsocus ziguiensis, Peripsocus yuleki, Peripsocus yongi, Peripsocus wuyishanicus, Peripsocus weinigeri, Peripsocus viriosus, Peripsocus vescus, Peripsocus variatus, Peripsocus valvulus, Peripsocus vacoasensis, Peripsocus uniformis, Peripsocus uncinatus, Peripsocus umbrosus, Peripsocus tristis, Peripsocus tredecimus, Peripsocus togoensis, Peripsocus tinctus, Peripsocus tillyardi, Peripsocus teutonicus, Peripsocus terricolis, Peripsocus taipingensis, Peripsocus sydneyensis, Peripsocus suffitus, Peripsocus subtristis, Peripsocus subfasciatus, Peripsocus stipiatus, Peripsocus stigmatus, Peripsocus stenopterus, Peripsocus stegeri, Peripsocus stagnivagus, Peripsocus spinosus, Peripsocus similis, Peripsocus setosus, Peripsocus sedecimidentalis, Peripsocus sclerotus, Peripsocus plstylpus, Peripsocus platyopterus, Peripsocus placidus, Peripsocus pictus, Peripsocus phaeopterus, Peripsocus phacellodomi, Peripsocus peruanus, Peripsocus pembanus, Peripsocus pauliani, Peripsocus parvus, Peripsocus parvulus, Peripsocus paraspinosus, Peripsocus parareicherti, Peripsocus papillatus, Peripsocus pallidus, Peripsocus orientalis, Peripsocus orbiculatus, Peripsocus optimalis, Peripsocus oculatus, Peripsocus nubifer, Peripsocus notialis, Peripsocus nigrescens, Peripsocus neglectus, Peripsocus nebulosus, Peripsocus nasutus, Peripsocus nanus, Peripsocus mutilatus, Peripsocus morulops, Peripsocus monticola, Peripsocus mokotensis, Peripsocus mirabilis, Peripsocus minutus, Peripsocus minimus, Peripsocus mingshanicus, Peripsocus milloti, Peripsocus milleri, Peripsocus microcheilius, Peripsocus meridionalis, Peripsocus menieri, Peripsocus melaleucae, Peripsocus megalophus, Peripsocus medimacularis, Peripsocus marginatus, Peripsocus maoricus, Peripsocus madidus, Peripsocus madescens, Peripsocus madecassus, Peripsocus maculosus, Peripsocus macrosiphus, Peripsocus machadoi, Peripsocus lunaris, Peripsocus longivalvus, Peripsocus limi, Peripsocus leptorrhizus, Peripsocus leleupi, Peripsocus keniensis, Peripsocus kashmirensis, Peripsocus juniperi, Peripsocus intricatus, Peripsocus incoloratus, Peripsocus incertus, Peripsocus ignis, Peripsocus hyalinus, Peripsocus hutsoni, Peripsocus hongkongensis, Peripsocus hollowayi, Peripsocus hinduensis, Peripsocus hickmani, Peripsocus hedinianus, Peripsocus haplacanthus, Peripsocus hamiltonae, Peripsocus guttulatus, Peripsocus ghesquierei, Peripsocus fulvescens, Peripsocus frimensis, Peripsocus fornicalis, Peripsocus forcipatus, Peripsocus fici, Peripsocus ferrugineus, Peripsocus exilis, Peripsocus elongatus, Peripsocus dolichophallus, Peripsocus disdentus, Peripsocus didymus, Peripsocus denticulatus, Peripsocus decurvatus, Peripsocus decellei, Peripsocus curviclavus, Peripsocus crenulatus, Peripsocus crassicosta, Peripsocus constrictus, Peripsocus consobrinus, Peripsocus coccophagus, Peripsocus circinus, Peripsocus chekei, Peripsocus chamelanus, Peripsocus caudatus, Peripsocus cassideus, Peripsocus camerunus, Peripsocus bucerus, Peripsocus bucephalus, Peripsocus brunneus, Peripsocus brinchangensis, Peripsocus brachyura, Peripsocus bonnieae, Peripsocus bivari, Peripsocus bilobatus, Peripsocus bifidus, Peripsocus bifasciatus, Peripsocus biacanthus, Peripsocus bhaktai, Peripsocus barunus, Peripsocus balli, Peripsocus baishanzuicus, Peripsocus badimaculatus, Peripsocus australis, Peripsocus apicatus, Peripsocus anura, Peripsocus annulatus, Peripsocus angolensis, Peripsocus alboguttatus, Peripsocus alachuae, Peripsocus africanus, Peripsocus acuminatus