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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Psocodea, Peripsocidae, Diplopsocus
Diplopsocus sylvaticus, Diplopsocus scrobiculatus, Diplopsocus porosus, Diplopsocus phaeophlebicus, Diplopsocus liupanshanensis, Diplopsocus huananensis, Diplopsocus yangi, Diplopsocus xilingxiaensis, Diplopsocus tibeticus, Diplopsocus sinensis, Diplopsocus similaris, Diplopsocus sichuanicus, Diplopsocus shanxiensis, Diplopsocus selene, Diplopsocus rhombeus, Diplopsocus resupinatus, Diplopsocus quadrangulus, Diplopsocus punctigaster, Diplopsocus philopinnus, Diplopsocus phagococcus, Diplopsocus parviocellatus, Diplopsocus parabolicus, Diplopsocus palmiformis, Diplopsocus oblongus, Diplopsocus ningmingicus, Diplopsocus melanostictus, Diplopsocus magniocellatus, Diplopsocus lophacanthus, Diplopsocus jiangxiensis, Diplopsocus irregularis, Diplopsocus hainanensis, Diplopsocus fujianicus, Diplopsocus fasciatus, Diplopsocus dachigamensis, Diplopsocus cupressicolus, Diplopsocus circularis, Diplopsocus chebalingicus, Diplopsocus anoplus, Diplopsocus albostigmus