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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Psocodea, Archipsocidae, Archipsocus
Archipsocus indentatus, Archipsocus gurneyi, Archipsocus granulosus, Archipsocus gibberophallus, Archipsocus ghesquierei, Archipsocus fuscopalpus, Archipsocus floridanus, Archipsocus etiennei, Archipsocus enderleini, Archipsocus costalimai, Archipsocus corbetae, Archipsocus cervinus, Archipsocus cervinoides, Archipsocus cayennensis, Archipsocus castrii, Archipsocus broadheadi, Archipsocus brasilianus, Archipsocus badonneli, Archipsocus angolensis, Archipsocus alternatus, Archipsocus polytrichus, Archipsocus vittatus, Archipsocus venezuelensis, Archipsocus textor, Archipsocus tenebricosus, Archipsocus spinosus, Archipsocus sanurensis, Archipsocus recens, Archipsocus perplexus, Archipsocus pearmani, Archipsocus passosi, Archipsocus panama, Archipsocus oligochaetus, Archipsocus nomas, Archipsocus newi, Archipsocus neens, Archipsocus nadleri, Archipsocus modestus, Archipsocus mockfordi, Archipsocus minutillus, Archipsocus marginalis, Archipsocus madecassus, Archipsocus longicornis, Archipsocus lineatus, Archipsocus lenkoi, Archipsocus jaliscoensis