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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Psocodea, Epipsocidae, Epipsocopsis
Epipsocopsis dubia, Epipsocopsis delicata, Epipsocopsis costalis, Epipsocopsis conspersa, Epipsocopsis completa, Epipsocopsis cincta, Epipsocopsis cameronensis, Epipsocopsis basalis, Epipsocopsis apicalis, Epipsocopsis angolensis, Epipsocopsis serpentina, Epipsocopsis corollifer, Epipsocopsis vilhenai, Epipsocopsis truncatula, Epipsocopsis thailandensis, Epipsocopsis taprobanensis, Epipsocopsis stuckenbergi, Epipsocopsis spatulata, Epipsocopsis singaporensis, Epipsocopsis setosa, Epipsocopsis selena, Epipsocopsis sclerota, Epipsocopsis punctata, Epipsocopsis prominens, Epipsocopsis peradenayensis, Epipsocopsis paraselena, Epipsocopsis obuduensis, Epipsocopsis nubilipennis, Epipsocopsis nebulifera, Epipsocopsis murphyi, Epipsocopsis murca, Epipsocopsis mouldsi, Epipsocopsis magna, Epipsocopsis maculata, Epipsocopsis macrostigma, Epipsocopsis maclurei, Epipsocopsis machadoi, Epipsocopsis longiceps, Epipsocopsis hyalina, Epipsocopsis hakgalensis, Epipsocopsis greeni, Epipsocopsis fumipennis, Epipsocopsis formosa, Epipsocopsis fasciata, Epipsocopsis dugani