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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Mollusca, Gastropoda, Littorinimorpha, Rissooidea, Barleeiidae, Barleeia
Barleeia aemilii, Barleeia alderi, Barleeia annamitica, Barleeia bentleyi, Barleeia caffra, Barleeia cala, Barleeia calcarea, Barleeia carpenteri, Barleeia chefiae, Barleeia chrysomela, Barleeia cinguloides, Barleeia congenita, Barleeia creutzbergi, Barleeia ephamilla, Barleeia fuscopicta, Barleeia gougeti, Barleeia haliotiphila, Barleeia juliae, Barleeia malgascia, Barleeia mexicana, Barleeia oldroydi, Barleeia orcutti, Barleeia pervulgata, Barleeia picta, Barleeia rubrooperculata, Barleeia seminulum, Barleeia subtenuis, Barleeia tincta, Barleeia tomensis, Barleeia trifasciata, Barleeia tropica, Barleeia unifasciata, Barleeia verdensis