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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Mantodea, Tarachodidae, Galepsus
Galepsus denigratus, Galepsus birkenmeierae, Galepsus bipunctatus, Galepsus beieri, Galepsus zambesicus, Galepsus wittei, Galepsus ulricae, Galepsus transvaalensis, Galepsus supervacaneus, Galepsus sudanensis, Galepsus schwetzi, Galepsus rouxi, Galepsus rhodesicus, Galepsus pentheri, Galepsus minutus, Galepsus minima, Galepsus meridionalis, Galepsus malawiensis, Galepsus machadoi, Galepsus letabaensis, Galepsus intermedius, Galepsus gracilis, Galepsus fumipennis, Galepsus focki, Galepsus femoratus, Galepsus fallax, Galepsus fallaciosus, Galepsus erythraeus, Galepsus diversus, Galepsus decipiens, Galepsus damaranus, Galepsus centralis, Galepsus capitatus, Galepsus capensis, Galepsus bispinosus, Galepsus bioculatus, Galepsus angolensis, Galepsus aberrans, Galepsus trilobus, Galepsus signatus, Galepsus scorteccii, Galepsus oxycephalus, Galepsus nimulensis, Galepsus lenticularis, Galepsus culminans, Galepsus cacuminatus, Galepsus brincki, Galepsus thomseni, Galepsus tenuis, Galepsus nyassensis, Galepsus nigricoxa, Galepsus montanus, Galepsus laticeps, Galepsus konakrynus, Galepsus inermis, Galepsus globiceps, Galepsus feae, Galepsus dubius, Galepsus coronatus, Galepsus congicus, Galepsus brunneri, Galepsus binotatus, Galepsus buettneri, Galepsus affinis