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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Phasmida, Diapheromeridae, Ocnophila
Ocnophila imbellis, Ocnophila willemsei, Ocnophila tuberculata, Ocnophila submutica, Ocnophila signatior, Ocnophila scops, Ocnophila riveti, Ocnophila ramulus, Ocnophila poeyi, Ocnophila pedestris, Ocnophila nattereri, Ocnophila nana, Ocnophila meditans, Ocnophila iphicla, Ocnophila integra, Ocnophila inconspicua, Ocnophila inaequalis, Ocnophila illegitima, Ocnophila fortior, Ocnophila cornuta, Ocnophila ciliata, Ocnophila capitata, Ocnophila brevifemur, Ocnophila borellii, Ocnophila armata, Ocnophila aculeata, Ocnophila acanthonota, Ocnophila auritus, Ocnophila oryx