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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Phasmida, Phasmatidae, Carausius
Carausius rudissimus, Carausius rotundatolobatus, Carausius pustulosus, Carausius proximus, Carausius patruclis, Carausius nodosus, Carausius morosus, Carausius mirabilis, Carausius minutus, Carausius mancus, Carausius lobulatipes, Carausius juvenilis, Carausius irregulariterlobatus, Carausius insolens, Carausius imbellis, Carausius hilaris, Carausius siamensis, Carausius thailandi, Carausius basalis, Carausius albopictus, Carausius gracicercatus, Carausius guangdongensis, Carausius paucigranulatus, Carausius emeiensis, Carausius thoracius, Carausius undatus, Carausius lijiangensis, Carausius femoralis, Carausius virgo, Carausius vacillans, Carausius theiseni, Carausius tanahrataensis, Carausius strumosus, Carausius spinosus, Carausius simplex, Carausius sikkimensis, Carausius serratus, Carausius sechellensis, Carausius scotti, Carausius sanguineoligatus, Carausius rugosus, Carausius heinrichi, Carausius granulatus, Carausius globosus, Carausius gardineri, Carausius furcillatus, Carausius fruhstorferi, Carausius exsul, Carausius detractus, Carausius debilis, Carausius cristatus, Carausius crawangensis, Carausius chani, Carausius burri, Carausius bracatus, Carausius bolivari, Carausius baumei, Carausius appetens, Carausius alluaudi, Carausius abdominalis, Carausius abbreviatus