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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Platyhelminthes, Rhabditophora, Seriata, Dendrocoelidae, Dendrocoelides
Dendrocoelides abditum, Dendrocoelides atriostrictum, Dendrocoelides banaticum, Dendrocoelides barbei, Dendrocoelides benazii, Dendrocoelides brachyphallus, Dendrocoelides carpathicum, Dendrocoelides cavatica, Dendrocoelides chappuisi, Dendrocoelides clujanum, Dendrocoelides codreanui, Dendrocoelides coiffaiti, Dendrocoelides collini, Dendrocoelides debeauchampianum, Dendrocoelides dumitrescuae, Dendrocoelides italicum, Dendrocoelides kenki, Dendrocoelides lescherae, Dendrocoelides mrazeki, Dendrocoelides orghidani, Dendrocoelides pannonicus, Dendrocoelides polymorphum, Dendrocoelides racovitzai, Dendrocoelides regnardi, Dendrocoelides spelaeum, Dendrocoelides sphaerophallus, Dendrocoelides stenophallus, Dendrocoelides tismanae, Dendrocoelides tubuliferum, Dendrocoelides tuzetae, Dendrocoelides vaillanti, Dendrocoelides warnimonti