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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Platyhelminthes, Rhabditophora, Seriata, Dugesiidae, Girardia
Girardia anderlani, Girardia andina, Girardia antillana, Girardia arimana, Girardia arizonensis, Girardia arndti, Girardia aurita, Girardia avertiginis, Girardia barbarae, Girardia biapertura, Girardia bursalacertosa, Girardia canai, Girardia capacivasa, Girardia chilla, Girardia cubana, Girardia dimorpha, Girardia dorotocephala, Girardia festai, Girardia glandulosa, Girardia graffi, Girardia guatemalensis, Girardia hoernesi, Girardia hypoglauca, Girardia informis, Girardia jugosa, Girardia mckenziei, Girardia microbursalis, Girardia nonatoi, Girardia paramensis, Girardia polyorchis, Girardia rincona, Girardia sanchezi, Girardia sphincter, Girardia tigrina, Girardia typhlomexicana, Girardia ururiograndeana, Girardia veneranda