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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Platyhelminthes, Rhabditophora, Rhabdocoela, Temnocephalidae, Temnosewellia
Temnosewellia acirra, Temnosewellia athertonensis, Temnosewellia butlerae, Temnosewellia caeca, Temnosewellia chaeropsis, Temnosewellia christineae, Temnosewellia cita, Temnosewellia dendyi, Temnosewellia engaei, Temnosewellia fasciata, Temnosewellia geonoma, Temnosewellia improcera, Temnosewellia minor, Temnosewellia minuta, Temnosewellia neqae, Temnosewellia phantasmella, Temnosewellia punctata, Temnosewellia queenslandensis, Temnosewellia rouxi, Temnosewellia semperi, Temnosewellia arga, Temnosewellia magna, Temnosewellia belone, Temnosewellia gracilis, Temnosewellia albata, Temnosewellia acicularis, Temnosewellia keras, Temnosewellia aspinosa, Temnosewellia batiola, Temnosewellia caliculus, Temnosewellia unguiculus, Temnosewellia aphyodes, Temnosewellia bacrioniculus, Temnosewellia vietnamensis, Temnosewellia flammula, Temnosewellia cypellum, Temnosewellia aspra, Temnosewellia muscalingulata, Temnosewellia coughrani, Temnosewellia fax, Temnosewellia gingrina, Temnosewellia possibilitas, Temnosewellia argeta, Temnosewellia maxima, Temnosewellia comythus, Temnosewellia apiculus, Temnosewellia argilla, Temnosewellia maculata, Temnosewellia alba, Temnosewellia cestus, Temnosewellia minima, Temnosewellia bacrio