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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Platyhelminthes, Rhabditophora, Seriata, Dugesiidae, Dugesia
Dugesia absoloni, Dugesia aenigma, Dugesia aethiopica, Dugesia anceps, Dugesia andamanensis, Dugesia annandalei, Dugesia arcadia, Dugesia ariadnae, Dugesia artesiana, Dugesia astrocheta, Dugesia austroasiatica, Dugesia bactriana, Dugesia batuensis, Dugesia benazzii, Dugesia bengalensis, Dugesia biblica, Dugesia bonaerensis, Dugesia borneana, Dugesia brigantii, Dugesia burmaensis, Dugesia cameliae, Dugesia capensis, Dugesia chichkovi, Dugesia chilla, Dugesia colapha, Dugesia congolensis, Dugesia cretica, Dugesia damoae, Dugesia debeauchampi, Dugesia deharvengi, Dugesia didiaphragma, Dugesia ectophysa, Dugesia elegans, Dugesia etrusca, Dugesia golanica, Dugesia gonocephala, Dugesia hepta, Dugesia hymanae, Dugesia iheringii, Dugesia ilvana, Dugesia indica, Dugesia indonesiana, Dugesia iranica, Dugesia izuensis, Dugesia japonica, Dugesia jenkinsae, Dugesia krishnaswamyi, Dugesia lamottei, Dugesia lanzai, Dugesia leclerci, Dugesia leporii, Dugesia libanica, Dugesia liguriensis, Dugesia lindbergi, Dugesia longistriata, Dugesia machadoi, Dugesia malickyi, Dugesia mertoni, Dugesia milloti, Dugesia minatauros, Dugesia mirabilis, Dugesia monomyoda, Dugesia myopa, Dugesia nannophallus, Dugesia nansheae, Dugesia neumanni, Dugesia notogaea, Dugesia novaguineana, Dugesia persica, Dugesia ryukyuensis, Dugesia siamana, Dugesia sicula, Dugesia subtentaculata, Dugesia sudanica, Dugesia tahitiensis, Dugesia tamilensis, Dugesia uenorum, Dugesia vestibularis, Dugesia lugubris, Dugesia tigrina, Dugesia dorotocephala, Dugesia polychroa, Dugesia agilis, Dugesia antillana