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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Mollusca, Gastropoda, Cephalaspidea, Philinoidea, Philinidae, Philine
Philine alata, Philine alba, Philine alboides, Philine alternans, Philine amabilis, Philine angasi, Philine angulata, Philine antarctica, Philine aperta, Philine apertissima, Philine approximans, Philine araneosa, Philine argentina, Philine auriformis, Philine azorica, Philine babai, Philine bakeri, Philine beachportensis, Philine caballeri, Philine caledonica, Philine californica, Philine calva, Philine candeana, Philine catena, Philine columnaria, Philine complanata, Philine condensa, Philine constricta, Philine denticulata, Philine desmotis, Philine elegans, Philine exigua, Philine falklandica, Philine fenestra, Philine gelida, Philine gibba, Philine gouldi, Philine habei, Philine infortunata, Philine infundibulum, Philine intricata, Philine iris, Philine kinglipini, Philine lima, Philine lucida, Philine mera, Philine monilifera, Philine monterosati, Philine monterosatoi, Philine orca, Philine orientalis, Philine paucipapillata, Philine planata, Philine polaris, Philine powelli, Philine puka, Philine punctata, Philine quadrata, Philine quadripartita, Philine rubra, Philine rubrata, Philine rugosula, Philine sagra, Philine sarcophaga, Philine scabra, Philine striatula, Philine talismani, Philine teres, Philine tincta, Philine trachyostraca, Philine trapezia, Philine umbilicata, Philine vaillanti