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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Diptera, Hippoboscidae, Lynchia
Lynchia schoutedeni, Lynchia meda, Lynchia coalescens, Lynchia humilis, Lynchia malagasii, Lynchia mecorrhina, Lynchia recessa, Lynchia subdentata, Lynchia dukei, Lynchia minor, Lynchia tripelta, Lynchia zumpti, Lynchia pilosa, Lynchia suvaensis, Lynchia simplex, Lynchia paramonovi, Lynchia parallelifrons, Lynchia angustifrons, Lynchia holoptera, Lynchia latifacies, Lynchia nigra, Lynchia penelopes, Lynchia plaumanni, Lynchia amamiensis, Lynchia chalcolampra, Lynchia maai, Lynchia ardeae, Lynchia massonati, Lynchia omnisetosa, Lynchia macculurei, Lynchia tuberculata, Lynchia bicorna, Lynchia bucerotina, Lynchia corvina, Lynchia elbeli, Lynchia fenestella, Lynchia longipalpis, Lynchia spinosa, Lynchia tarsata, Lynchia trita, Lynchia wenzeli, Lynchia lonchurae, Lynchia maquilingensis, Lynchia papulata, Lynchia sensilis, Lynchia reducta, Lynchia australica, Lynchia antica, Lynchia samoana, Lynchia plana, Lynchia jactatrix, Lynchia dioxyrhina, Lynchia diluta, Lynchia acromialis, Lynchia albipennis, Lynchia americana, Lynchia hirsuta, Lynchia wolcotti