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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Diptera, Brachystomatidae, Apalocnemis
Apalocnemis xanthogyna, Apalocnemis cingulata, Apalocnemis circumspinosa, Apalocnemis discreta, Apalocnemis distincta, Apalocnemis echinata, Apalocnemis elongata, Apalocnemis halterata, Apalocnemis holosericea, Apalocnemis indefinita, Apalocnemis ingeniosa, Apalocnemis innocua, Apalocnemis maura, Apalocnemis intonsa, Apalocnemis mediocris, Apalocnemis obscura, Apalocnemis ochracea, Apalocnemis philippii, Apalocnemis plorator, Apalocnemis racemata, Apalocnemis rostrata, Apalocnemis salesopolis, Apalocnemis solitaria, Apalocnemis variegata, Apalocnemis hirsuta, Apalocnemis oreas, Apalocnemis fumosa, Apalocnemis sanguinea, Apalocnemis simulans