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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Diptera, Muscidae, Cyrtoneurina
Cyrtoneurina prima, Cyrtoneurina armipes, Cyrtoneurina beebei, Cyrtoneurina biseta, Cyrtoneurina brunnea, Cyrtoneurina confusa, Cyrtoneurina conspersa, Cyrtoneurina continens, Cyrtoneurina costalis, Cyrtoneurina crispaseta, Cyrtoneurina cylindrica, Cyrtoneurina dubia, Cyrtoneurina fuscicosta, Cyrtoneurina fuscisquama, Cyrtoneurina gemina, Cyrtoneurina geminata, Cyrtoneurina gluta, Cyrtoneurina incognita, Cyrtoneurina inuber, Cyrtoneurina maculipennis, Cyrtoneurina mellina, Cyrtoneurina mimica, Cyrtoneurina monstrata, Cyrtoneurina multomaculata, Cyrtoneurina neotrita, Cyrtoneurina pallpies, Cyrtoneurina polystigma, Cyrtoneurina protosetosa, Cyrtoneurina rescita, Cyrtoneurina scutellata, Cyrtoneurina seriata, Cyrtoneurina spiloptera, Cyrtoneurina steini, Cyrtoneurina trita, Cyrtoneurina uber, Cyrtoneurina varicolor, Cyrtoneurina veniseta, Cyrtoneurina walkeri, Cyrtoneurina wulpi, Cyrtoneurina alifusca, Cyrtoneurina arleriopsis, Cyrtoneurina flaviantennata, Cyrtoneurina grandis, Cyrtoneurina ocasionalis, Cyrtoneurina similata, Cyrtoneurina stellata, Cyrtoneurina pararescita